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Dr. Wudel - I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you for the services you have provided the past few months. You have a true gift of being a kind physician. Your ability to balance people skills and surgical skills makes a huge difference in the healing process.

In gratitude,

Dr. Wudel,

Thanks again for the Ladies Night...especially Dr. Wudel's time. He gave us good information and I never felt like he wanted to rush us or 'hurry up' to get home. Thanks for such a welcoming experience!

Feedback from Square

Dr. Wudel,

I am so grateful for you and your staff! Your office went above and beyond to help me during a very traumatic life event!

I appreciate the extra add-ons and extras you included in my Halo package for my dog-bite scar. I just completed the treatment yesterday with Denise and am looking forward to seeing the results!

Thank you, THANK YOU!!
Jen S.

Dr. Wudel,

THANK YOU for my birthday hydrafacial! And thank you for your gifted expertise with all things face-related. I feel very blessed to be a client!

With deep appreciation,
Amy L.

Ruby-and-WudelDr. Wudel,

Thank you so much for taking care of Ruby’s stitches. We appreciate you being able to help us so quickly. Ruby loves to tell everyone how awesome you are and that it didn’t even hurt!

Thank you!
Brady, Kayla and Ruby F.

Dear Dr. Wudel:

I wanted to express my overwhelming gratitude for your skillful surgery on my nose. Oh my, I am breathing so much better. Yay! Sleeping better too!

And I feel the facial improvements so uplifting and wonderful. It helped my self-esteem so much – I cannot fully express it. Thank you, thank you!

You are an amazing and skilled surgeon and a compassionate special physician.

You made such a difference in my life. Thank you!
With deep appreciation,
Cathy G.

I want to thank Dr. Wudel and all of his staff for everything they did for me.  I can finally breathe again and I am super happy with the appearance of my nose.
Thanks again Dr. Wudel,  
Adam P.

Dear Dr. Wudel,

Thank you for such a wonderful Ladies Night! We all loved how informative, casual and very humorous you are!

And thank you for my Voluma – I love it!

        “Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future”  – Hippocrates

Thank you for ensuring beautiful futures!
Amy L.

Thanks for helping us look and feel better. 

Your friend,
Mari H.


I can’t thank you enough for the treatments you have done for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you! 

Lisa P.


Thank you, thank you for the “extras” and add-ons to help with the scar appearance. I greatly appreciate it! Through such a traumatic experience, I am so happy to have connected with an office that has been so wonderful to me! 

Thank you,
Jen S.